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What is the human dimension

The last time global leaders met for round table talks concerning global warming was in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2009, an ambitious program that ended up in a stalemate.

At the beginning there was scepticism into this topic, preferring to follow a less alarmist and radical line. After missing the boat of Kyoto Protocol, gradually reasonable circumstances reminded to treat these issues globally. How to forget the artificial sun of the polluted city of Beijing and the recent warnings not to leave the house because of the smog, furthermore the difficulties in agriculture especially for the poorest countries and the big questions about how to feed sustainably all the inhabitants of this planet in the future, the potential environmental disasters caused by the increase in global temperatures.

Actually we can consider the following evidences:

  • an increasing sea level of some 3 mm per year;
  • glaciers in retreat at an annual rate of 4%;
  • earlier flowering and fruiting times, changes in the territory.

Among these alerts, leading authorities of the world will conduct a panel discussion starting by the UN meeting in Paris to continue into future conferences, regarding a shared policy on climate change. We have many initiatives around the globe under the leitmotif “There won’t be a B-planet”. Any debate on the evolution or extinction of the human species could raise awareness about our habits and their impact on the world, thus principles of universal ethics, so humanity will have to consider its own nature in a shared environment, even before profit. The question will evolve into a new form of energy conversion and social models, basically we should not prefer to go back to the Stone Age, giving new impulses to the local and global economy by building happy green islands from the ruins of cement, eco-monsters, environmental anomalies, greenhouse gas emissions.

The first signs of change in Rome coincide with private and public initiatives, chasing on the razor’s edge the history of humanity that slowly flows on the turtle shell, one of the Native American totems. We are responsible for what happens in the world.

Photos exhibited at Real Life Award 2016.

Menier Gallery, London
1 – 6 Feb 2016

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