Visual Alchemy

Maria Chiara Fagioli


Soft flames

of lost enchantment out of blue

pallid cheeks

no land

from the bitter fruits


by spoiled thoughts.

Liberté! Freedom!

Feeble possibility to see

new twinkling sunrises,

never more disjointed ends

screaming alive.


Connected to universal flows,

wings of tiger,

you’ll carry home our dreamtime.


High hopes in future of sailors,

we have seen the last crime.

Excuse me.

Celebrating red wine in bloody fingertips

behind closed doors.


Beyond Mi#! Sitting in the blazing dark.


When Ocean divides

in mellifluous borealis distortion

nobody knows my fallen lover

I’ve felt the loss.


May our endearing touch

throw into

mellow winds among pine needles.


So distant eyes contact,

indissoluble laces,

painting pastel remorses

Payne grey.

Candied clouds advance

covering the green distances

of transparencies.

If I will ever get back. Last night La4.


Floating overshadowed buds


from fleeting warn



A gold thread sack

you left in my hands

going behind the scenes.

Indelible ink

to glide

blended echoes

embroidered unheard words,

divine mannerism

of a hotforged orchestra.


Still Si – Sol – Re.


The loud silences of the poet.



Perfection is quite silent

when Gods show telepathic majesty,

tender as a desired throb

origin of pulsating veins in leaves.


Draping lives

in this barren land

of shimmering algid rainbows,

weared on affection

ready to kill.


Secretly Fa#.


Facing your breathe,

on the bottom of our precious Garden

we were tasting

our last lips,

raining pieces

of stars

aquamarine contact,

never will be

the same returning note.




Bordering cream

and pale blue.

One more glance back

beside hanging sheaf of wheat ..




Drops of rainbow
imprisoned in weaves
so far off the ground
of enchanted traps,
sinuous singing siren
Metronome of our own rhythm
suggestions of love
We asked for eternity.
Hold my hands
another single day.