Visual Alchemy

Maria Chiara Fagioli


Tra le rime stropicciate

si sollevava il bagliore

di bluastre e violacee


colavan pietre


odore plastico

di notti

alla penombra di riluttanti


secondi tolti

alla lucida follia.


In vistoso pellame


il rifiuto permaneva

nelle più radicate convinzioni

ottenebrate dal cappio

seducente e proporzionato,

un vecchio stanco

dimenticato mondo


di strisciare

ai piedi degli spiriti

per catturarne

la folgorante alchimia.


Gli osceni arcani



d’un tacito vissuto,

sebbene molesti

una realtà



l’irraggiungibile, terso,

di cui si doveva

aver premura

e dominanza.


Eravamo non-vivi,

i sensi

perverse maschere

e i fili solo una cometa

sulle volute dell’indeterminabilità,

un cielo stellato

d’incubi mozzafiato,

ecco l’impeccabile

sinusoide frastornante

a solcare

la banale paralizzante fine.

Di che libertà morire,

di che morte vivere,

minuti nel confine


il prezzo per non essere liberi,

la differenza demotivante

tra il gesso e il torrente.


Placed the striped shell
on the bruised oil sands
you stretch out a hand
to catch fragments
and roots gone astray.
Distractedly supine
I was vibes, breath of the nimbuses
snap of the sea,
an airplane passed away
facing upturned flecks and contrails.


Your pretentious hand
after the flavor of translucent
landscapes sequences,
deviated over the tops
of the mountains
along steep winding valleys
up to be trapped
in netted stocks,
biting the pulp
voracious in mellowness
to seek infinity,
and climb up again
for two erratic touches
the lithe sin of season.


Tiny grains
in quiet contemplation
adrift on suggestions
for fruitful spells,
the crackling torpidity
turned off to wander
with my plumed asters,
which light hand can push
a sour breath
that chimed
laden with dew and camellias,
infinitesimal minutes
close up to savor
rubbing purple flesh
above the indelible
ferruginous bridge.


The thick acrid drizzle
of next flowering
covered glades
where the deeds
soaked in sweat and scream
climbed up,
that beauty
of making love
breathing the broom fields,
barren land dunes and heather,
grain that sparkle above us,
who are waiting for death
and staying up over the fiery-hot skies,
stifled by crystallized hopes.


Old lovers
met again
on the opposite
sea shore,
caressing the dried salt
in a laconic wilderness,
unfair was the shimmer
that captured
the preponderant rise
of joyful spurting water
between the complaints
of indifferent meridians
beyond contact.


A unpleasant
galaxies pack
obscured the broad
reflection of rays
between the murmuring prayers
of a north-east wind,
I collected stones
to avoid being sucked
into the whirlpool
of the impossible
loving you in a half.


Nothing more I knew
the way back
in the faltering mist
nor to embrace
delusive hands
gave me comfort,
the strength of the sea
hushed bitterness,
oh guardian of hope
who could never soar.


Bashful entities
imperceptibly pave
on the tip of the pen
fluid witticism
hearing at a distance,
accurate persecutors
penetrated inside purple
rivulets crystals
to the bone.


Anything but
was the composure
of the wrong way
that will be.
The earth is broken up
in an abyssal precipice
of precipitous remembrance,
the fall pushed
beyond the Great Bear
into an icy void
of spectral lips.


Human creatures or famished sycophantics,
the moist promontory turned the sun
into a thousand fragments of salt
reflecting a shivering starry lake,
the world dozed
while taking a mournful look
to the shadows of ancient planted crosses,
humanity fed by drying papers
uprooting high crowns of redwood.
The plans of love are unripe
the time merciless.


Suspension spurts
in glowing wires
opened to the arch
made of boulders
and stacked rocks
to balance
the vigorous course
sprouting for life,
ecstasy of primitive algae
and purple water lilies,
scrambled rhythms eastward.
The prow brightened up
despite the sails stirred
foaming reasons
of outrageous expectations
in deceptive movements.


The rustling whistling pine trees
come in through windows
scratched by rain lances,
dryness evoked thorny clouds
veiled of an evaporated libido,
vibrant plumed attrition
on a bed of wet air.
I squeezed the amulet
with gauze and bay leaves
a while of kiss,
mitigated by tinny condensed sounds,
leading over the space of the divisible
to the Elysian fields of absence.


A decadent scenery
of ancient glorious ruins
inflamed wreck
to start over
the human genesis
among false saints
poets of light
and insatiable demons.
A fleeting wind
had been distracted by time
irreversible flow,
towards oblivion
already destinies seeking each other
through impetuous seas
of love storms,
here we are
between lands parched
by arid destroyers
and teardrops of sky,
clear mirrors
of essence.

Who we are,
pearls of truth
inside upwind gales,
monuments staring
at the bewitched complacence
of nonsense
the subdued cry for freedom.
Behind quiet petty steps
dying for what.


I ever wished so intensely
the coveted smell of voluptuousness
resting on lava stone trays,
while endless monstrosities
of torments and agonies,
death dealers
and barbaric bustles
of ravenous hyenas.
Exile still mellowed
the sharp pain
that drop by drop
silenced the pale love,
filters of hatred and resentment
that my faltering resistance
crumbled into microscopic pieces,
already dust,
Heart dust
the shame of those who have not loved
once in life.
Two murders were committed.


Inside a filament
following roots
under the rude asphalt
cracked underfoot,
the rain wandered
attracting the sparkling
notes spread
between the seawater droplets
that carved the small pale bark.


On the horizon a rainbow broke,
the catharsis of indelible arpeggios
above the violin strings
and imperturbable centuries-old cedars,
therefore the first kiss was painful breath
and melodious thirst
between desolate words.
We perished of soft toque.


Mosaic pieces arranged on a chess board
out of my sight
under refined skies
whose everything sees
and all hold our peace,
The off-putting scent of alluring musk
and fatality.
At last we consumed an elixir of eternity
into jangling goblets
attempting the intangible space.


Counterfeit orgasms
the train lifted its reservations
disappearing on metropolitan tracks
under the planar ticking rhombus
remotely pressing.


An extensive winter
to gaze on a bench
left in ruins
echoed the last words
by the Canadian lover,
the porphyry toppled
from our own ashes,
opaque stains of a lazy sun
and the fierce intrigue
– I would find you through his eyes -.
You were not here anymore,
or there,
between filtered rays
and another deceptive adventure,
a blooming bonsai
to soothe and caress
standing between eastward flocks,
again away
and now close
and then from the invisible depths of our reasons,
where truth and love
feed the sacred flame of justice,
my sweetheart.


Oh candid storm,
unruffled paradox of our great virgin forests,
a scattered light in the varied air
permeated with cotton dreams
and cordial dragonflies.
The wisdom of grace moves the world.
En route.


Riding the suave charm
of the sparkling destiny,
a stillness suspended
beneath the ink
of the enlarged lines,
hardly painted flawless
smudge of bittersweet moods.


The pendulum warbled
the continual dissolved tract
and syllables lingered
in deserted love nests
left to the seasoned memory.


Nor Ides of March oriented
the vehement tingle swarm,
untold pleasures of past present
and immense harmonies
our portraits on the last days
of a heartfelt feature molded
in a vacuum.
Through the slender fingers
despicable sentences.


A thousand faces
but you in my fingers,
a moment before
your cheeks notice
my roaring thoughts
and Ra
defies the jealousy
of the possessive veil.


Two kids
jumping the tightrope
foretaste the flux
tuning detailed geometries
on rough ground.


Having you or having you back,
which courtesy
fate will make us,
as I died
in the flames
of the doubt,
I barely smothered you
with twinkling guiding stars.
Look at me one last time.


Ferine fantasies
with languid stratified dust
Flowers of the field
between memories
of a slower spread noise,
deathless instants
and no means
the reason lost
the righteous plastic pose
towards the neighbouring
fluid rivers.


Not stirred
in love ranks,
but Justice
shone on broken points,
heroes of the Romantic storm
marked by petty exiles,
icy silences sprinkled with loneliness
from the breathtaking view
whilst heart was deprived of its beating.
Everything becomes nothing.


Le pietre calzanti

di carovane

in viaggio


la variabile piovana

d’intersezione soffiata

fra i rovi

agitati di Grecale,

roccaforte in battere e levare

dei nostri solstizi magmatici.


Crespature rifrangevano

lo scrigno di un volto,

sale che leviga

le bruciature

sollevate dallo spruzzo

d’eterno fiorir,

sbiadita sensazione di menta


tra le facezie del sospinto



Frattanto un frastuono

di memoria a guazzo



sull’insipida recinzione

ove solevo volgere

il respiro filtrato

nelle interminabili ore

di luce soffusa.


Impossibilitata da catene

di futilità

mirai l’angolazione complice

impressa su alte pareti,

sino all’istante rappreso

d’inquietitudini lignee,

pressante esposizione lunare

o convinzione di travagliate


sedando il coraggio

su pallide flebili


rimase l’irraggiungibile verità

schiacciata da volatili

illusorie moribonde


giunte nei luoghi del non senso.



Purpuree nottate

al pallore gitano

dieresis alati

di ricerche speziate,



le membra assopite


alle origini della sorgente

di vita

per lenire le virtù



Di soppiatto le radure


la tempesta in agguato,

le ombre sul giaciglio

lievitarono in plumbei

riverberi d’acciaio

e stretto cordame

per non incomodare

la dipartita della libertà,

svenevoli chiazze

d’ossessionate remore


in discrezioni recintate.


Il tempo rese

le verità convergenti

al confine dei cieli

ove la condensa

sulle vele dei sensi


espandendosi fittamente

in fumose opacità,

esortasti incalzando

l’andatura trascinata

svuotata dello slancio


scariche elettromagnetiche

terse rumoreggianti

sulle labbra,

dove l’innocenza

prende coraggio

e s’ammala d’amor.


Remorseless twirls

are interrupted destinies,

burned alive

the placid absences

hidden behind

clapsed hands

that catch and get lost

in suspenseful phrases

among faint snowflakes.


Rich acrid dawns

eager to dew

gently placed on a remembrance

of bluebells,

our spring cutted

arid and cold mornings

behind windows

constellated in hope drops,

below freezing while breathing

already flies away.


Steps back

over the buried abyss

guarded by the prohibited


I heard nothing more

than to hold you

onto a slow long kiss

distillate of abundance

with ethereal tones,

only a lost galaxy

divides and connects us,

obsequious dilemmas

and sailors of submerged clear skies.

Already elsewhere.


Eyes, those eyes

over accented notes

fervid harmony

of cornflower fields,

abloom peach tree

and illuminated harbors

with intimated hazes,

a dusty blanket

overlays the slight regret

of your return.


I recognized among ruins

and opulent misery

your lovable embrace,

the unmistakable buzz

with a muffled murmur

in my bruised heart.

Prismatic reflections of mind

lay on the walnut flooring

whilst pupils drew

paper planes and iced mountains,

the peak of flurries

and hearths quietly

to not arouse

seasoned illusory remorses,

caresses on the skin

with fleeting sheaves

tasted on the tip of my tongue.


Savouring barley

wide valley

and milky nights

frantically following

glasses ring,

compound pieces

of a transient distracted spell.


Bulky desires

passed through

silky lips

brushed at times,

the silent sky


the strawberry lovers

naive to touch,

blind of the passed delicate

pieces of leaves.


Sibylline winds

words of love


on tiptoe,

the sinuisoidal pinwheel


during the voiceless days

without a second glance,

ridden and missing


between sprinkling crystal Oceans,

perpetual sunsets


among tears of scented delirium.

To forget you

an exalted twilight

will be placed

for our lethal feeling.


East lands

and fervent abscence,

the quadrant

pointed the insane

harsh climbs

towards the mirrored roofs,

breathing skies and lakes

where the Universe

placed a gentle pat

on an emotion with the lights out.


I held your eyes away,

inside my emptiness in vain

ceasing to stifle

the wings on a tender name,

plume on my heart,

suffused in rustling

among endless fields of flax

clouds of pain arose

whilst the senses wavered

on my way back.

It was night.


Oh my love,

these high hopes

worn and torn

and I could not forget you.

In the end.


Orizzonti e fate morgane,

il focolare ammutolito

di cieli lacerati

ebbri di circumnavigazioni


aldilà di motivetti


Un mosaico vitreo

d’interdetti vascelli

tra ciocche pensanti arruffate,

l’emblematico siffatto

sonno di polvere argenteo

su riflessi

di letti frastagliati,

il caro prezzo dell’Oceano

che raggiunge,

sopraffà gli arguti limbi,

sconfinate maree

derive e maestose onde,

diletto di delfini giocosi

su adagi pentagrammati

di pinnate euforie


ultima roccaforte

di fanciullesche declinazioni.


Etere in sublimazione,

risalendo le sponde

dell’ombelico dal magma,

filtrano striduli rami

ai primordi della fugacità

tra becchi variopinti

e foglie miracolose,

fintanto luce accechi

l’oblìo dell’alchemica


una rosa dei venti e un sospiro

tra minute di dita

per non averti.


Amor ti seppi,

tan libero e spinoso

che ti lasciai

il più bel dono,

lì imperturbabile

fra Orione e Antares

all’incrocio delle vie maestre

crocevia di naviganti e amanti

che a tarde ore

pregano le distanze

e soverchiano le memorie

d’unghie implacabili

a fior di pelle.

Seguirmi tra filati d’aquiloni

nell’onirico viaggio

dal bizzarro unisono,

levigato su lenzuola

di cera in pioggia di fiammelle

e petali, ancor petali d’Oriente

su vivide indecisioni inafferrabili,

fra milioni di volti

le perdute emozioni.

Corri, Lupo.