Visual Alchemy

Maria Chiara Fagioli

Trumpism beyond the EU

Gearwheel with blades, enabled by the wind power, allows the grinding of raw materials belonging to the cereals supply chain. It’s a complex mechanical system, in the enviable Leonardesque picaresco style.
Straight across from the apologue of the “Windmill”, there’s the newly elected stars and stripes captain: Donald Trump.
As in the most unbelievable stories of NASA/ESA Star Wars, you have to take a step back at the time of Brexit. The first dart against the supranational union was thrown, increasing the collective syndrome of the evil foreigner. The Tower of Babel dusts off new the fishing fleets of duties and taxes, while the visa business may compensate for the Commonwealth independence bill. The lesson is established: the ancient “Veni, Vidi, Vici”, is soon replaced by the New Age “I invade, I exploit, I abandon”.
The old Europe, mother of the contemporary Occidental school of thought, bears, implies, is subject to.

In the end the election campaign depicts strong tones, appropriate to the US GDP levels, the highest in the world. Or testosterone apology. The world is the silent spectator of an invisible economic war, and a few naked masks.

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