Visual Alchemy

Maria Chiara Fagioli


Remorseless twirls

are interrupted destinies,

burned alive

the placid absences

hidden behind

clapsed hands

that catch and get lost

in suspenseful phrases

among faint snowflakes.


Rich acrid dawns

eager to dew

gently placed on a remembrance

of bluebells,

our spring cutted

arid and cold mornings

behind windows

constellated in hope drops,

below freezing while breathing

already flies away.


Steps back

over the buried abyss

guarded by the prohibited


I heard nothing more

than to hold you

onto a slow long kiss

distillate of abundance

with ethereal tones,

only a lost galaxy

divides and connects us,

obsequious dilemmas

and sailors of submerged clear skies.

Already elsewhere.

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