Visual Alchemy

Maria Chiara Fagioli


Eyes, those eyes

over accented notes

fervid harmony

of cornflower fields,

abloom peach tree

and illuminated harbors

with intimated hazes,

a dusty blanket

overlays the slight regret

of your return.


I recognized among ruins

and opulent misery

your lovable embrace,

the unmistakable buzz

with a muffled murmur

in my bruised heart.

Prismatic reflections of mind

lay on the walnut flooring

whilst pupils drew

paper planes and iced mountains,

the peak of flurries

and hearths quietly

to not arouse

seasoned illusory remorses,

caresses on the skin

with fleeting sheaves

tasted on the tip of my tongue.


Savouring barley

wide valley

and milky nights

frantically following

glasses ring,

compound pieces

of a transient distracted spell.

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