Visual Alchemy

Maria Chiara Fagioli
ENG Editorial Photographic projects






– La città che suona –




Il progetto foto-videografico “Bitumen” vuole renderci consapevoli del cambiamento che stiamo vivendo in termini di qualità di vita nelle città e di preciso Roma. L’esperienza concettuale descrive la melodia risultante della città generata attraverso un processo di documentazione, analisi, rappresentazione, interpolazione e storytelling creativo.

Quale sarà il futuro delle nostre città? Tra mostri strutturali dei sobborghi e sprazzi di brezza contemporanea proseguendo verso il centro della città, la città vibra e i suoi contenuti riflettono la quotidianità in evoluzione.


> Bitumen – Piazza Conca d'Oro, Roma.


– City sounds –




The multimedia “Bitumen” project wants to make us aware of the change we are experiencing in terms of quality of life in the cities ​​and precisely Rome. The conceptual experience describes the resulting melody of the city generated through a process of documentation, analysis, representation, interpolation, and creative storytelling.

What will be the future of our cities? Between structural monsters from the suburbs and contemporary flashes continuing towards the city center, the city sounds and its contents reflect the changing everyday life.


Anaesthesia – Synaesthetic Anaesthesia

The multi-sensory journey of the proposed video can be enjoyed through the imperceptible transformations of 50 frames in series.


“Anaesthesia” is a [Limited ed. of 50 printed books] Graphic project perfect bound 21×21 cm, cover Rembrandt stipple textured uncoated 300 gsm, paper type gloss coated.
The photographs are accompanied by a story, in two languages (Italian and English). You can request a copy.

Download/Read the E-Book “Anaesthesia” >>


The research resolves the dichotomy between sense and nonsense, as the associative metaphor of perceptual coupling by definition different. Anaesthesia is the conceptual emotional condition of the resulting phoneme/colour shape process, and the deviation of the synaesthetic rhythm towards the knowable. This is the next step of the multi-sensory abstraction, which is expressed in conceptual linearisation within a mystical experience.
Are proposed six experiences, punctuated by the metronome of my previous Edea’s story:


I’m going to explore still-life in motion with the Edea’s written concept, proposing 5 experiences, punctuated by the metronome of the Edea’s story:
(Shining) wings
Desolate (landfills)
Mirage (and utopia)
Overseas (blue)
(Perpetuated) beliefs
Heart (shaking)



Anaesthesia – Baal’s overture

Portfolio 2018.


“From withered lights to dancing shadows,
From the winter garden to the romantic nocturnal bridges.
Here is Rome.”



“Anaesthesia” is a [Limited ed. of 50 printed books] Graphic project perfect bound 21×21 cm, cover Rembrandt stipple textured uncoated 300 gsm, paper type gloss coated.
The photographs are accompanied by a story, in two languages (Italian and English). You can request a copy or buy 400 mm x 267 mm Hahnemühle Photo Rag Giclée prints.

Download/Read the E-Book “Anaesthesia” >>


The lens-based project “Anaesthesia” wants to propose an ironic and embarrassing scenario, culminating in the synaesthetic winter garden in motion, Rome. The functional two-dimensional representation becomes land of conceptual abstractions and symbolism, the substratum for different expressive languages. On show the syntactic disobedience of poetic lights in new an-aesthetics. Is deepened the being’s nature, relating to harmony and beauty without gender boundaries. The woman moves along the time looking for her own reflection or evanescent image. The contortions play an imperfect perfect balance. All around, the context disintegrates or closes the figure, placing the accent on the wandering body that spread the light, sometimes elusive shadow of the self projected into a small bourgeois Eden and at times decadent. The tree and the sun become metaphors and objects reflected, allusions, memory. Anaesthesia is a semi-conscious emotional journey, where tangible boundaries fade and reality plays new roles in the mirror. Hence, desires are transformed into estrangement.


Model: Maria Rosaria Mingione, Yanira Morales Fabbro.



Solo show
at Casa della Cultura of Villa De Sanctis in Via Casilina 665, Rome
March 2018.






Portfolio 2017.



“Edea” is a written and visual content story of two different cultures in an internal dialogue, who meet in a place intended to implosion, between Atlantis/Ulysses and ET/Wall-E. In the middle silences, solitary lands, the hope expressed in a little unknown life never seen before: the thread of life. The arcane that connects to the new “Self”.
The dilemma: tabula rasa or sad acceptance.
By leaving the ground the universe is closer. But no return.
Each step will crumble the previous.
So the deep sense and questioning of humankind, without gender dialectics.



The greatest lesson of life can be love, meant to be universal. The moral of the story raises questions about freedom perceived and commonly accepted, so our nature, the real emancipation, and relationships. In the end, peace, given and taken, the largest act of love and freedom.
Love is definitely the allegorical matter that allows transmutation, change. Humus, but never a bond of ill addictions.



“Edea – Brush of Wings – Dialogues with the Self” is a [Limited ed. of 10 albums] Graphic project 18×18 cm, plus 9×9 cm Gicleé FineArt Baryta Hahnemühle prints 325 gsm, extra smooth light gloss. Plus a double cover and laces.


The AR Album, Instructions for Use:
1. Download/Read the AR Book “Edea – Brush of Wings – Dialogues with the Self” >> 
2. Download the Aurasma app ( )
3. Scan the Pages containing the AR symbol with a mobile device
4. Enjoy the AR Book !


Request a copy:




I’m pleased to show you my last project, it’s called “ Synaesthesia – Do you want to see the Music? “ .

I encoded a new coloured standard applied to an instrumental canvas, the aim is to create a new simplified musical code meant to be played by two or more instruments through a unique tetragram. Thus I chose a song, “The Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel, and I translated the old staff notation into my instrumental canvas, so you can see the music that glitters through coloured bright stars, the led points of the tetragram.




Installation Art exhibited at Art Map 2016

The Toy Museum, Ponte de Lima, Portugal
July 2016.

Contest Volume Lazio Creativo 2017 (Dec 2016)

Regione Lazio, Lazio Creativo, Lazio Innova.
100 Stories of creativity under 35.



Intervista #livesocial di Emilio Giordani Martedì 11/09/2018 su RadioRomaCapitale (FM 93.00)



Wonder Branada

My last interactive photo reportage in Canada, “Wonder Branada”. Thanks to the augmented reality you can enjoy a piece of Wildness and Visions through the eyes of Spartacus, a traveller seagull.



Hello, My name is Spartacus.


Introduction: story of Spartacus >>


The AR Book, Instructions for Use:
1. Download/Read the AR Book “Wonder Branada” >> 
2. Download the Layar app ( )
3. Scan the Pages containing the AR symbol with a mobile device
4. Enjoy the AR Book !