Visual Alchemy

Maria Chiara Fagioli

Photography in e-motion. Discussing the structural and emotional visual boundaries: the medium, hybrid languages, and innovative concepts.


Abstract –  The research wants to explore photography and its boundaries questioning on techniques, constructs, and evolution of the medium. Approaching relevant debates, the curatorial point of view, theory, and history of the practice, the purpose is to focus on photography, from the individual to mass behaviours and the related hybrid messages. Are defined the state of innovation, the industry, and the increasingly predominant role of the image-makers and experimenters who are interpreting the medium.
Ideals of beauty and identity take advantage of new technologies. Cross-disciplines for storytelling and engagement purposes have arisen. In the end, multimedia concepts.
At the border of science and visual art, images of research are created. A blurry snapshot is a dynamic act but also a moving view. So, are deepened the influences on the cerebral emotional side, stimuli that can whisper the evolutive tension, afterwards becoming our cultural heritage.
Brain-based mechanisms encode and process the reality, expanding knowledge to contexts of significance and how we perceive the world. Not least, the synaesthetic condition is explored, considering intersensory experiences and the resulting production.
A picture is still worth a thousand words, being a strong communicative and informative vehicle, but also a state of mind.


Keywords: Photography, representation, significance, meaning, making process, viewer-elements relationship, spectator-author relationship, image-maker, visual boundaries, multimedia, evolution, gaze, behaviours, stimuli and emotions, perceptual phenomenon, Synaesthesia, colour studies, sensory experiences, mixed-realities, enhanced reality, technology.





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