Visual Alchemy

Maria Chiara Fagioli

Perspective rubbish and serial vandalism

A warm winter Sunday is a good reason to enjoy the city, living our time in a Christmas jovial atmosphere of colored lights.

Close to a rubbish a show of carefully stacked televisions is offered for free without time limits and additional costs, an unsigned series of installations en plein air left to the sad fate of the dumb storage endangered. From a distance the Roman Aurelian Walls, the midline between the destruction of Casilina Vecchia and Piazza Lodi.

Uncivilized acts in a public place. Similar casualness near Piazza Fiume, where a majestic sized telephone booth, from retro taste, was assaulted by vandals who inexplicably broke one of the glasses, thus shattering it into a million pieces on the ground.

Citizens live with an irrational fluctuating presence of discomfort and urban petty crime, 14%[1] of what cover vandalism, these are serious signs of incivility and disrespect of shared spaces, as well as wasting resources for the restoration of a substantial peaceful quality of life. In some areas, especially the most remote and isolated, graffiti, dirt roads and social suffering, such as prostitution, are a tolerated standard and it is also complicated a quick intervention by the authorities, also because these phenomena could be also reported with difficulty.

A few people acts, almost daily, going to affect an entire society basically, an offense not so much to the previously established order as coexistence with other human beings, intended as the opposite of beauty, the disgust for our territory. In the end, you can paint with the spray in agreed areas and free bulky waste collections are to be withdrawn door-to-door from the waste service company in Rome. Some countries, we can mention Cotgrave[2] in Nottinghamshire, UK, have highlighted the importance of multi-agency and programmatic information sharing in order to prevent acts of harassing and sensitize citizens to actively participate in the social fabric, educating to a sense of belonging to the public good.

In short much ado about nothing, or perhaps individual and social indifference contours are scaled on empathy basis.

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