Visual Alchemy

Maria Chiara Fagioli

My first Jubilee

Enlightened chromatic gradients brighten up the dawning of our origins. Rome. An indomitable and fascinating woman, because it was originated by a she-wolf who keeps alive two abandoned twins, who later founded it. It will be for these reasons of wolf too, that perhaps the Eternal City is loved and hated by its own citizens alike, damned bewitched city. It is said that Romans have the keys to the whole world.

December 2015 marks an important date because of the Catholic Jubilee. For the first time I have attended two important events: its inauguration and the passage of the Holy Door.

Having lived mostly in the city of Popes, Angels and Demons, Crucifixes in schools, I opened my agnostic spirituality and a respectful and at the same time ironically irreverent dialogue, forgive my young age!, with one of the geographically and culturally closest religions. Strictly connected with Catholicism, except during the period of my kindergarten, my relationship was always quite peaceful, and despite not approving of certain passages and biblical roles, or a pressing marketing to the detriment of a pure gospel message, as if to say Protestantism or Dalai Lama philosophy, or how those who can’t get involved in love affairs can love, in fact everyone must believe in their own favourite dogmas or whatever.

The spiritual role should shape a humanity not only considering a functional standpoint. Although I always wondered how it could be a pure real agnostic life, with impartial show schedule, significant messages of progress and humanitarianism, in short free spiritual beings unaffected by implacable avenging gods.

We all have authorities who judge and punish, inner or guarantors of delicate systemic balances.

Questions that will never find response, although during my last trip to Canada I saw a rare example of well-structured  religious pluralism, and I had got the pleasure to relate peacefully with Christians, Muslims, Hindus, .. . Well done Canada!

And if there should be a world of religions, I hope it could be an open dialogue managing moderately all the diversities we can encounter.

My first Jubilee by agnostic is terminated inside the Basilica of St. John Lateran, where I shared suspended moments of transcendental elevation with people from all parts of the world, codes translated into the language of the sacred universe. Immense silences in a magnetic union of souls.

We are the world we create.

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