Visual Alchemy

Maria Chiara Fagioli

Meta Icosahedron

Portfolio 2017.





“A handful of Siena
recalled our times,
shady crochet
of barren disillusionment.
You. Suavely
in the glacial epilogue
of the turbid
your hands
were leaving
wind harmonies,
towards bejewelled
Along the Icelandic way
a piano
the vibrating strings
of my pain,
from pallor of a mute
Asleep in bittersweet torpidity
I teemed with life,
at the foot of majestic slopes
and harsh profiles.
in pastel tones
crumbs of Ocean,
my eyes were closed
to hear the echo
of flapping wings.”



Digital prints on uncoated paper with felt-marked passepartout. It evokes fading vivid memories of metaphysical dream-like worlds, becoming a ripped page of your life. The photographs are placed inside a picture frame hammered, in contrast to the smooth paper printed in the middle. Matt/De Chirico/Sharp/Vivid/3D photography.


Photos exhibited at Lethes Art 2017.

Capela das Pereiras, Ponte de Lima, Portugal
July 2017

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