Visual Alchemy

Maria Chiara Fagioli


Bashful entities
imperceptibly pave
on the tip of the pen
fluid witticism
hearing at a distance,
accurate persecutors
penetrated inside purple
rivulets crystals
to the bone.


Anything but
was the composure
of the wrong way
that will be.
The earth is broken up
in an abyssal precipice
of precipitous remembrance,
the fall pushed
beyond the Great Bear
into an icy void
of spectral lips.


Human creatures or famished sycophantics,
the moist promontory turned the sun
into a thousand fragments of salt
reflecting a shivering starry lake,
the world dozed
while taking a mournful look
to the shadows of ancient planted crosses,
humanity fed by drying papers
uprooting high crowns of redwood.
The plans of love are unripe
the time merciless.

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