Visual Alchemy

Maria Chiara Fagioli


Suspension spurts
in glowing wires
opened to the arch
made of boulders
and stacked rocks
to balance
the vigorous course
sprouting for life,
ecstasy of primitive algae
and purple water lilies,
scrambled rhythms eastward.
The prow brightened up
despite the sails stirred
foaming reasons
of outrageous expectations
in deceptive movements.


The rustling whistling pine trees
come in through windows
scratched by rain lances,
dryness evoked thorny clouds
veiled of an evaporated libido,
vibrant plumed attrition
on a bed of wet air.
I squeezed the amulet
with gauze and bay leaves
a while of kiss,
mitigated by tinny condensed sounds,
leading over the space of the divisible
to the Elysian fields of absence.

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