Visual Alchemy

Maria Chiara Fagioli




Portfolio 2017.



“Edea” is a written and visual content story of two different cultures in an internal dialogue, who meet in a place intended to implosion, between Atlantis/Ulysses and ET/Wall-E. In the middle silences, solitary lands, the hope expressed in a little unknown life never seen before: the thread of life. The arcane that connects to the new “Self”.
The dilemma: tabula rasa or sad acceptance.
By leaving the ground the universe is closer. But no return.
Each step will crumble the previous.
So the deep sense and questioning of humankind, without gender dialectics.



The greatest lesson of life can be love, meant to be universal. The moral of the story raises questions about freedom perceived and commonly accepted, so our nature, the real emancipation, and relationships. In the end, peace, given and taken, the largest act of love and freedom.
Love is definitely the allegorical matter that allows transmutation, change. Humus, but never a bond of ill addictions.



“Edea – Brush of Wings – Dialogues with the Self” is a [Limited ed. of 10 albums] Graphic project 18×18 cm, plus 9×9 cm Gicleé FineArt Baryta Hahnemühle prints 325 gsm, extra smooth light gloss. Plus a double cover and laces.


The AR Album, Instructions for Use:
1. Download/Read the AR Book “Edea – Brush of Wings – Dialogues with the Self” >> 
2. Download the Aurasma app ( )
3. Scan the Pages containing the AR symbol with a mobile device
4. Enjoy the AR Book !


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