Visual Alchemy

Maria Chiara Fagioli


While the Brexit spreads its wings, questions about the future exchanges raise. The academic affair becomes blurred, uncertain. It is not just increasing the debt annually or not, but what European students will deserve in UK and how they will be treated.

The strong wave of populism and dissatisfaction towards migrants is developing nationalist and alarmist consciences, despite the labour market is still healthy. These causes, seemingly far from places of intellectual awareness, label destructively a neighborhood.
Negotiations are still open and unpredictable, governments can observe the free trade and movement of persons, or consider hard Brexit.

The university is an investment in terms of assets and speculative resources, but the self-regulation of some realities may not guarantee social and meritocratic protection. Furthermore the right to work could be argued. There won’t be any substantial change with immediate impact. The University of Hertfordshire found a higher support for the “Remain” position. The benefits vary from relationships and challenges, to programs and grants, as Horizon 2020 and Erasmus. The importance of inclusion moves along the parallel lines of the competitiveness, and Britain could not be attractive anymore compared to other European destinations.

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