Visual Alchemy

Maria Chiara Fagioli


Inside a filament
following roots
under the rude asphalt
cracked underfoot,
the rain wandered
attracting the sparkling
notes spread
between the seawater droplets
that carved the small pale bark.


On the horizon a rainbow broke,
the catharsis of indelible arpeggios
above the violin strings
and imperturbable centuries-old cedars,
therefore the first kiss was painful breath
and melodious thirst
between desolate words.
We perished of soft toque.


Mosaic pieces arranged on a chess board
out of my sight
under refined skies
whose everything sees
and all hold our peace,
The off-putting scent of alluring musk
and fatality.
At last we consumed an elixir of eternity
into jangling goblets
attempting the intangible space.

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