Visual Alchemy

Maria Chiara Fagioli

Anaesthesia – Synaesthetic Anaesthesia

The multi-sensory journey of the proposed video can be enjoyed through the imperceptible transformations of 50 frames in series.


“Anaesthesia” is a [Limited ed. of 50 printed books] Graphic project perfect bound 21×21 cm, cover Rembrandt stipple textured uncoated 300 gsm, paper type gloss coated.
The photographs are accompanied by a story, in two languages (Italian and English). You can request a copy.

Download/Read the E-Book “Anaesthesia” >>


The research resolves the dichotomy between sense and nonsense, as the associative metaphor of perceptual coupling by definition different. Anaesthesia is the conceptual emotional condition of the resulting phoneme/colour shape process, and the deviation of the synaesthetic rhythm towards the knowable. This is the next step of the multi-sensory abstraction, which is expressed in conceptual linearisation within a mystical experience.
Are proposed six experiences, punctuated by the metronome of my previous Edea’s story:


I’m going to explore still-life in motion with the Edea’s written concept, proposing 5 experiences, punctuated by the metronome of the Edea’s story:
(Shining) wings
Desolate (landfills)
Mirage (and utopia)
Overseas (blue)
(Perpetuated) beliefs
Heart (shaking)



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