Visual Alchemy

Maria Chiara Fagioli

Anaesthesia – Baal’s overture

Portfolio 2018.


“From withered lights to dancing shadows,
From the winter garden to the romantic nocturnal bridges.
Here is Rome.”



“Anaesthesia” is a [Limited ed. of 50 printed books] Graphic project perfect bound 21×21 cm, cover Rembrandt stipple textured uncoated 300 gsm, paper type gloss coated.
The photographs are accompanied by a story, in two languages (Italian and English). You can request a copy or buy 400 mm x 267 mm Hahnemühle Photo Rag Giclée prints.

Download/Read the E-Book “Anaesthesia” >>


The lens-based project “Anaesthesia” wants to propose an ironic and embarrassing scenario, culminating in the synaesthetic winter garden in motion, Rome. The functional two-dimensional representation becomes land of conceptual abstractions and symbolism, the substratum for different expressive languages. On show the syntactic disobedience of poetic lights in new an-aesthetics. Is deepened the being’s nature, relating to harmony and beauty without gender boundaries. The woman moves along the time looking for her own reflection or evanescent image. The contortions play an imperfect perfect balance. All around, the context disintegrates or closes the figure, placing the accent on the wandering body that spread the light, sometimes elusive shadow of the self projected into a small bourgeois Eden and at times decadent. The tree and the sun become metaphors and objects reflected, allusions, memory. Anaesthesia is a semi-conscious emotional journey, where tangible boundaries fade and reality plays new roles in the mirror. Hence, desires are transformed into estrangement.


Model: Maria Rosaria Mingione, Yanira Morales Fabbro.



Solo show
at Casa della Cultura of Villa De Sanctis in Via Casilina 665, Rome
March 2018.



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